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Edinburgh has witnessed an upswing in its musical kudos in the past few years, and while the media have been quick to latch on to the folk scene, it's not all about banjos.

OK, maybe banjos do have a part to play (see above), but Meursault combine old world with new in their heartrending folktronica, thanks to the added element of programmed beats and surging electronics.

Originally the solo project of singer Neil Pennycook, the band have grown and grown and now number seven, with long-term members Chris Bryant, Fraser Calder and Calum MacLeod recently bolstered by Phillip Quirie (aka Debutant), Pete Harvey and Gavin Tarling.

Signed to Edinburgh-based blog turned label Song, by Toad, the band released their superb debut album Pissing On Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues in 2008. Having toured extensively in Scotland and further afield, Meursault unveil their second album All Creatures Will Make Merry in 2010.

They might be named after the main character in Albert Camus' The Stranger, but the Meursault are unlikely to remain unfamiliar for long.

Posted by Nick Mitchell