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Le Thug

On the Radar - No 203: Le Thug

Words: Nick Mitchell

For some, music is about verse-chorus song structures, soul-searching lyricism and being ready and willing to offer ponderous ruminations about an utterly unique approach to audio-craft.

For others, wilful restraint is the preferred tactic when it comes to explaining their first musical forays. And the music itself doesn't always have to burn itself onto your synapses within ten seconds.

Take Le Thug as an example of the latter.

Danny McColgan, the synth player and producer half of the Glasgow-based duo, offers this clipped summary of their progress to date: "We have been friends for years. Always talked about making some music together but never really got round to it properly until the last year or so."

Together with guitarist/vocalist Michael Gilfedder, they produce the kind of gauzy, undulating electronica that is so far from conventional listener expectations that you have to give it a second or third try before it sinks in.

While it's still early days and there's plenty of room for them to develop their drone-based sound, tracks like the industrial 'Down' and the trippy 'CompleteAndUtter' reveal an inkling of their potential.

"We record in my attic onto my laptop," Danny says. "It’s all very basic and lo-fi. We feel it suits our style. We like to keep it simple. We don’t tend to dwell or work too much on any parts. The less takes the better. We wouldn’t rule out working in a proper studio at some point though."

It would be fair to say that Le Thug aren't exactly destined to become a household name, but there is much to admire in their My Bloody Valentine-inspired take on electronic music.

"Abrasive ambience is a description we have used," Danny says. "But we don’t really think about it much to be honest, we’re happy to leave it to others to describe our music."

Le ThugWhile the name may conjure up images of some French banlieue rapper, it's much simpler than that, according to Danny: "It cropped up during a drunken band name conversation with a friend. Apparently, 'Le' represents our ambient tones and 'Thug' represents the noisier drone side of things.

And what does the rest of 2012 have in store for the duo?

"We’ve got a bunch of new songs which we are about to start recording and hope to release online soon," says Danny. "And hopefully we can continue getting some gigs."

In the meantime, you can check out a load of free downloads on their SoundCloud page.

Le Thug on: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Posted by Nick Mitchell

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